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Satish uses a Roland/Boss SE-50 multi effects processor unit. This unit gives him nice reverbs, delays, choruses, flanges, pitch shifters, distortion, etc. which are prearranged in a limited number of algorithms (he has a Kaoss Pad to overcome some of the limitations in algorithms). Satish's favorite program consists of a little reverb, some nice delay, and a touch of chorus. He also uses a flange-heavy program without delay, and is trying to figure out a way to effectively use the unit's octave-down pitch shifter, since this program can't be used with delay or chorus.
Satish recently purchased a KAOSS PAD 2! This is not only a powerful effects processor, it's also a tone generator (which can then be effected), short phrase sampler, and the parameters are changed by dragging your finger across the pad! How cool! The problem is that Satish uses both hands to play the Firebird, so he doesn't actually have a free finger to "play" the Kaoss Pad. He's gotta lock the slide or hold a single note on trumpet to use the KP2 ...
Satish's horn is a Holton Firebird. The Firebird trumpet is a unique combination of a trumpet and trombone, invented by Maynard Ferguson in the 1970's. It features the normal 3 valves you find on a standard trumpet, plus a ½-length trombone slide. Therefore, although one can play all 12 notes using the valves, only ½ of all the notes can be played using just the slide. The player needs to use the valves and slide in conjunction. As of 2000, Maynard developed a Firebird with a full-length slide, but there's only one of these ... and Maynard owns it.

Find out more about Maynard Ferguson and the Firebird trumpet
This is the tamboura synthesizer Satish uses on some songs. Takes the whole tune to a more Indian space...
Bill Buchen has a specially-built set of tablas that each contain a small mic drilled into the drum. Since the mics are on the inside, the sound is a lot clearer, and the volume can be turned way up without the danger of feedback. This has proved invaluable to the sound of Indofunk's live gigs, because now you can always hear tablas, even when Hary is kicking it as loud as he likes!
In addition to his normal electric guitar, Lee Boice also plays the Jerry Jones electric sitar/guitar. It looks like a guitar, plugs in just like a guitar, but sounds exactly like a sitar (including the sympathetic strings)! Crank it up and rock!
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