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August 9, 2002 Indian Consulate General, NYC This was the annual scholarship dinner for NetIP NY, and Indofunk was honored to play in the NYC Indian Consulate's grand ballroom for a standing room only crowd.
September 17, 2001 La Vuelta Bistro In the aftermath of the tragic attack on the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington, this was a very special benefit concert for the American Red Cross. We raised almost $1,000 for the relief effort, a small drop in the ocean, but a significant show of support!
May 19, 2001 Long Island City Art Frenzy A three-day festival in NYC's newest arts neighborhood, including open studios, music performances throughout the 'hood, and culminating in a big gala outdoor performance, which Indofunk was honored to headline.

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March 1, 2001 S.O.B.'s This was a special benefit for the victims of the great earthquake in Gujarat. Indofunk was honored to be a part of this successful event, and we did our own little earth-shaking and booty-quaking for our less fortunate bretheren ...

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October 31, 2000 55 Bar This is the most fun we've had on Halloween ... went to the Village Halloween parade, then went right to our gig at the 55 Bar along with tons of costumed partiers! The gig featured a CD giveaway to the "insane clown" who only stopped in to use the bathroom...

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September 31, 2000 Club Europa You wouldn't believe how much they dug Indofunk at this ultra-hip, Euro-techno dance club! Watch for repeat performances here!
September 30, 2000 55 Bar Phew! What a gig! If you haven't heard of the Great 55 Bar Fire yet, you don't know how "smokin'" Indofunk can get!!
August 12, 2000 Izzy Bar View pictures from this gig
July 19, 2000 Madame X Indofunk Unplugged's home turf!

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June 11, 2000 Desh Pardesh Festival, Toronto, Canada We had lots of fun in Canada, got a chance to play with some very talented local musicians, including a Sri Lankan percussionist who played tablas and mridhangam with equal virtuosic skill!

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