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Sunday, August 4, 2002
Sujesh Pavithran in the Malaysian Sunday Star says:
"Hard to describe, and yet very easy to assimilate - it's electric funk rising from a bed of exotic rhythms ... this one comes with the sting of exotic spice - tasty, breathtaking, with a lingering after effect, and leaving you desiring more of the same."

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Read Satish's interview on the Latch music e-zine
A quick exerpt:
"...My main goal in life is to have everyone in the world hear my music. From there, they can make their own decision. Like it? Hate it? At least youíve been exposed to it! So Iíll take the fame, please, and none of the fortune. Donít need it."

Anil Mathew Varughese in the North American edition of Indian Express says:
"It was an amazing display of fusion music. Indofunk blends ragas and taals from Indian classical music with hip-hop, bhangra and American funk beats to create a unique mix. And this mix produces a music which is both good for dances as well as soothing to ears."

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Elisabeth Lohninger in the Austrian Concerto Magazine says:
"Satish draws on plentiful resources. With appreciation and obvious joy he combines his Indian musical heritage with American funk."
"The mixture has been successful, the audience is dancing, and the band is grooving heavily."

Jesse T. of Listen.com says:
"Though it might seem a bit over ambitious, Indofunk successfully fuse Indian ragas and Bhangra beats with jazzy grooves. The band is led by an excellent trumpet player who's backed by a cohesive rhythm section of swirling vintage keys, bubbling electric bass and stunning polyrhythmic drumming."

Ray Vega, Concorde-Picante recording artist and lead trumpet player with Tito Puente's Orchestra says:
"I love it! It's like Miles [Davis] goes back to India!"

Allen Lutins in his "Guide to Classical Indian/Jazz Fusion" says:
"Indofunk is one of a growing number of new groups fusing Indian music with hip-hop; unlike many of the other groups, though, trumpeter Satish's funky and distinctly jazzy inflections are an integral part of the sound."

The folks at the 55 Bar say:
"We're here to give you what you really want - unlimited funk! Bandleader Satish stirs up a sizzling mix of Indian Ragas, Jazz and World and layers them over a funky groove that speakes the universal language - Fun and Good Music!"

"Somewhere in a dusty dictionary there's probably a definition for Funk, but all we know is that when we hear it everything around us takes on the rhythm of the music and we move to the beat without even trying. If you think this is a good thing (like we do) then check out the fresh sound of Indofunk. Bandleader Satish floats an intriguing mix of jazz & Indian-inspired trumpet riffs over a solid core of funk & world beats laid down by the Bass, Drums and Tablas."

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