RAGA is the baby version of the band Indofunk. Comprised of Indofunk's slide trumpet player, tabla player, and guitar player, this unplugged version has a very different flayva than the whole band. It's a chamber group that really emphasizes the strengths and influences of each of its individual players:
Satish, the one-name wonder, leader of the band, is the only professional Firebird trumpet player in New York, and the only Indian classical slide trumpet player in the world. Due to his instrument's unique combination of valves and slide, he is able to accurately render Indian classical gamakas (bends, slides, and other ornaments). He has been a jazz trumpet player for 15 years, so his brand of Indian funk is extremely jazzy.
Bill Buchen, a world music drummer seduced by the complexities of Hindustani tabla playing, is very active on New York's North Indian classical music circuit. He is the band's esteemed guru, and imparts his knowledge of Hindustani music to the other members, to the rest of Indofunk, and to anyone within earshot!
Lee Boice is the hardest-working guitar player in New York City. In addition to playing with Indofunk, he plays 7 nights a week with every rock, funk, and reggae band in town, and records 8 days a week with different projects, including his own. He is studying Hindustani sitar and applies his knowledge to the acoustic guitar.
RAGA therefore has a strong Indian flayva, and begs comparison with John McLaughlin's legendary band Shakti. Expect strong vibes, stronger grooves, and even stronger solos.
Raga's gig schedule can be found along with Indofunk's, and Raga has a special MP3 page where you can hear our music.
Listen to Raga!
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