Satish is the only professional Firebird trumpet player in New York, and the only Indian classical slide trumpet player in the world. Due to his instrument's unique combination of valves and slide, he is able to accurately render Indian classical gamakas (bends, slides, and other ornaments).

Satish has been playing solo aalapanas based loosely on Hindustani and Karnatik raagas. Coupled with his tamboura synthesizer and effects processor (set on a tasty mix of reverb, delay, and chorus), he creates mesmerizing soundscapes that leave audiences enthralled. Due to the nature of his instrument and the constant playing that aalapanas require, Satish limits his solo sets to 15 minutes at a stretch, leaving his listeners thirsting for more.

Most of Satish's solo sets have been for New York-based left-wing South Asian activist groups, such as Youth Solidarity Summer and INSAF. Satish is proud to lend his time, energies, and talents to the variegated causes of South Asian community activism.

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