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NEW at Indofunk City:
I. A second huge success in Washington, DC!!

Once again, a huge shoutout to everyone who came to see Indofunk at HR-57!! This time, we brought the digicam, so you can look for yourselves here. Sorry all the pics are from the stage, but we had operatives in the audience, so soon there should be more pictures from the audience's POV.

With continued packed houses like this, we'll certainly be returning every couple of months, so please check our calendar to find out when we'll be back!

II. A GREAT reception in Washington, DC!!

A big thank-you to everyone who came to see Indofunk's very first performance in our nation's capital! Our gig at HR-57 was a huge success, the club was full for the entire 4 hours we played, and the club owner liked us so much that he invited us back in January (exact date TBD). Thanks, Tony! And thanks to our newest fans, too! It wouldn't have been possible without you! (Unfortunately, the official Indofunk digicam wasn't working that night, so we have no crowd shots for you. We promise to have it on hand when we come back in January. So come back to HR-57, and bring all of your friends!)

III. New pictures!!

Pictures from our 4/13 gig at the Bitter End are now available on our pictures page.

IV. Indofunk will not be doing a live soundtrack...

Unfortunately, due to changing artistic vision and low budget, the near-silent independent film will have an electronic/ambient soundtrack and not a live Indofunk jam. Oh, well, maybe next time...

V. Updated Media page

Now that mp3.com is down and unable to host the music we were offering free to our listening public, I've moved all of our sound and video clips onto our server. Unfortunately, I'm completely out of server space right now, so any new clips will need to be added at the expense of existing clips. So get these cuts while you can!

Indofunk's media page

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