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Indofunk City's Official Taping Policy

Indofunk officially sanctions and encourages taping of any live show by an Indofunk City artist. We do make a couple of polite requests, however:

I. Please be discreet. Some venues frown apon live recordings, usually to protect themselves from artist lawsuits. But why be asked to stop taping and try to explain that Indofunk likes it when people tape their shows? Also, it prevents the musicians from becoming distracted.
II. Please do not bug the soundman to plug into the board. Board mixes generally suck, and soundmen get pissed off easily. In future, we may set up a special board output for tapers, but until then, no taping from the board!
III. Please let us know after you tape a show! If the sound quality is decent, we'd love to get a copy! Go to the contact page and shoot us a little note telling us which show you taped and if we'd be able to get a copy. As soon as we get enough good recordings, we're going to start streaming them from this site, and we'll acknowledge every taper!
IV. Feel free to swap and share any Indofunk recordings you have, whether on CD, a live bootleg, or a remix ... just make sure we can get a copy, too!

Thanks for your cooperation, and happy taping!

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