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All you tech-heads can now check out the equipment used by Indofunk's members.
Even though our second CD, The Basement Sessions, has been on the street for months, it's not too late to collaborate on remixes from both our first and second CDs. We're looking for more of a drum 'n' bass/techno/Asian Underground feel, but really, anything goes. You can hear examples of what other remixers have done on our mp3 page. On request, we will make special "DJ mixes" with or without specific parts, like the bass and drum tracks, for example, so that you can do your thang (we can only do that on the first CD, since the second CD wasn't tracked like that)! If you are a DJ/remix artist and are interested in remixing one or more of Indofunk's songs, please contact Satish and include samples or links to remixes you've done.

Beats per minute for all the songs on the CD
OK, we've given up on the idea of a vocalist as being too cliche. Now how about an Indian/fusion dancer? Yes! Someone who knows some Indian classical dance (I'm kinda partial to bharatanatyam and kuchipudi) but can freestyle to our music and throw in some modern/club dance moves, too. Any takers? Please email us!
They're here! ...
Were you ever at a live Indofunk show and wondered, "damn, that song was cool! I wish I had the paper on it..." Now you can! Click below for scanned copies of Indofunk's songs.

Ate off the Tamarind Tree
Dance of the Asuras
Flight of the Nagas
Mother Durga
Saraswati Suite
Lambodhara (traditional South Indian song, P.D.)
Pastime Paradise (©Stevie Wonder)

Sheet music not available yet:
Rain Dance (a.k.a. "It Always Fucking Rains When I Have A Gig!")
Eastern Spice (Toshi Someya)
Tum Bin Jia (©Bally Sagoo)

Note: except as noted, all songs on this page © 2000, Satish. All rights reserved, including but not limited to duplication, performance, and electronic transmission.
Click here for a MS Excel-formatted list of these songs and their equivalent Karnatik and Hindustani raagas
[Only available for Internet Explorer now, stay tuned for the Netscape-compatible version]
Note: As a South Indian, I had a little trouble figuring out the appropriate Hindustani raags. If there's someone out there more knowledgeable than I (that would be most of you...), I would appreciate some help, advice, corrections, etc.

Very special thanks to Ravi and all his excellent source materials, from which I was able to find these raaga equivalences.
Note: Ravi's site is no longer in service. I'm trying to find out why, since it was such an invaluable reference for me, and a great place to learn about North and South Indian classical music.

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